1 November 2015

Guide on Shizuoka offers insider information on visiting the city

Source: Shizuoka City Tourism & City Relations Division.

The Tourism & City Relations Division of Shizuoka City in Japan has published SHIZUOKA GUIDE, a 52-page guidebook with coupons to help inbound travellers enjoy local cuisine and shop at reasonable prices. 

The information has been gathered from locals who usually share intelligence through word-of-mouth, and includes:
  • Rankings of popular restaurants 
  • Where to get reasonably-priced local products, including green tea and souvenirs featuring Mount Fuji 
  • Location information compatible with Google Maps
  • Duty-free procedures 
  • Hospital locations

The government has also negotiated multiple-use coupons that will be accepted if flashed on a mobile device or printed out. Seventy-one shops and restaurants are featured in the guidebook, and 24 of them are ranked. Coupons are available for 18 of the 24. There are 20 coupons for highlighted restaurants, and 11 for highlighted shops.

Shizuoka, near UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site Mount Fuji, is an hour from Tokyo by train.


Get the English version online. Online versions are also available in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Korean.