7 October 2015

Jabra's SPEAK 810 tracks people speaking metres away

Fragment.in, a Swiss-based design interaction studio, put together a computer orchestra controlled by gestures. A Kinect recognises hand movements and in turn controls sound from a bank of computers. The sound is delivered through Jabra SPEAK 810 devices.

Audio and communications technology specialist Jabra's new SPEAK 810 conference speakerphone delivers flawless call experiences for improved meeting collaboration.

The US$599 Jabra SPEAK 810 is designed to eliminate the pain points of effective collaboration: technology challenges such as setup issues, connectivity to platforms and poor sound quality. Bringing a plug and play speakerphone experience with superior audio to large meeting and conference rooms for the first time, the Jabra SPEAK 810 complements the personal experience delivered by its smaller, portable SPEAK 410 and 510 products. With multiple connectivity options including USB and a 3.5mm jack, the Jabra SPEAK 810 integrates seamlessly with all communication platforms – eliminating the need for dial pad solutions and challenging the traditional hardware approach to conference calling.

Additional ease of use is delivered by integration with all communication platforms, removing the need for an IP endpoint. The USB charge-out port feature can even charge tablets or mobile devices during calls.

“Microsoft continues its working partnership with Jabra to ensure that their solutions are fully compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business,” said Giovanni Mezgec, Microsoft GM of Skype for Business. “The Jabra SPEAK 810 is an excellent example of this collaboration.”

Source: Jabra. A SPEAK 810 device can charge a phone while handling conference calls. 

Today, a third of conference calls are delayed due to setup issues with connections and speaker phones, 15% of meeting time is spent on ‘getting started’, and one of the most common frustrations is poor sound quality*. The Jabra SPEAK 810 rides on Jabra’s heritage in office audio solutions as well as ear-related diagnostics and hearing healthcare technology. It facilitates conference calls in meeting rooms of up to 100 sq m with 15 people or more in one room, delivering clear sound without unwanted background noise. The plug and play speakerphone features powerful loudspeakers and market-first technology from Jabra called ZoomTalk, an intelligent directional microphone that focuses on sound from human voices.

Holger Reisinger, Head of Business Solutions, Jabra, commented: “Businesses are becoming more focused on creating working environments and cultures that better enable them to compete. As a result, office environments are changing and becoming more dynamic, demanding and technology-enabled. New ways of working are adding flexibility to working spaces, practices and hours. Yet productivity must also remain a priority for business success and for this reason so should enabling effective collaboration and concentration.”

Mark Leigh, President Asia Pacific of Jabra said, “Jabra understands and is committed to enhancing the role of audio in enabling collaboration and concentration, and enabling productive meetings wherever people are.”


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*Research commissioned by Jabra