19 October 2015

Paid carpooling in Singapore takes off

Source: RYDE.

RYDE, a carpooling mobile application, says it has thousands of new members joining its network in the the months since its soft launch.

RYDE uses GPS technology to match drivers and riders going the same way. The app recommends a dollar amount where the rider splits the cost of the trip with the driver.

Terence Zou, founder of RYDE says, “Our goal is to transform transportation through innovation; making it sustainable, affordable and a sociable experience. Our rapid growth shows that Singaporeans accept carpooling as a viable option."

Source: RYDE. Zou.

According to research conducted by the National University of Singapore in August 2015, 500 people working in Central Business District were asked two questions: were they willing to carpool with strangers to work and were they willing to pay for it, and two-thirds said yes to both. More recent focus group studies conducted also revealed that majority of drivers are willing to share their rides and most people feel that carpooling is safe in Singapore. The three primary motivations cited for carpooling is cost efficiency, eco-friendliness and the social experience.

The Singapore government is also supportive of the sharing economy, and recently passed laws in March 2015 to allow drivers to make two paid carpool trips per day.

RYDE is committed to safety and believes that trust is key for “sharing” to occur. To this end, drivers are required to upload four documents for verification via the app - profile and images of the car, driving licence and certificate of insurance. Riders may choose to verify their profiles to increase their chances of a match. Members review each other after every trip, allowing RYDE to improve the user experience and keep the network safe.


The app is available on iOS through the App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store

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