7 December 2015

Indonesia's MatahariMall.com expands O2O network

Source: MatahariMall.com website.

E-commerce portal MatahariMall.com (MatahariMall) has expanded its Pickup&PayCOD and eLocker network by signing a MoU with PT Pos Indonesia in Jakarta. MatahariMall deploys an online-to-offline (O2O) model, allowing customers to receive, return, and pay for the goods that they ordered online at offline locations.

The new collaboration creates additional Pickup&PayCOD points at selected post offices. MatahariMall will also be placing eLockers in strategic post office locations in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Bandung.

“To deliver a memorable shopping experience for the customers, MatahariMall will not stop to innovate. One of such initiatives is expanding its Pickup&PayCOD points, the biggest in Indonesia, starting with 199 cities and regencies, and also eLockers placement in 10 locations of PT Pos Indonesia. The new service will start operating gradually from 8 December 2015,” said Emirsyah Satar, Chairman of MatahariMall.com in his opening speech at the MoU ceremony.

The Indonesian e-commerce industry is experiencing significant growth. The annual value of e-commerce transactions in Indonesia reached US$12 billion in 2014, and is projected by the Indonesian government to grow over US$130 billion in 2020.

"E-commerce plays an important part in Indonesia’s economic growth. This is why we will continue to accelerate the development of technological infrastructure, to maximise the growth of the e-commerce ecosystem in Indonesia,” said the Minister of Communications and Informatics, Rudiantara, who attended the MoU signing event. “The eLocker marks a smart move in utilising technological infrastructure to fulfill Indonesian’s needs for online shopping. The government fully supports MatahariMall and PT Pos Indonesia’s course of action to collaborate.”

MatahariMall’s CEO Hadi Wenas welcomed the government’s support. “This MoU signing exhibits MatahariMall’s serious commitment in delivering a unique shopping experience for customers who live in various areas of Indonesia. Soon, MMall-goers* will be able to pay in 4,500 branches of Pos Indonesia offices, retrieve and pay in 199 cities or regencies, (and enjoy) automated goods retrieval from 10 eLockers placed in post offices around the Jabodetabek and Bandung area.

"This collaboration ensures an easier, safer, and more comfortable experience to online shopping for customers in all cities or regencies, in almost every subdistrict, 42% of villages, and 940 remote transmigration areas in Indonesia. This collaboration between MatahariMall and PT Pos Indonesia strengthens the biggest O2O service in Southeast Asia and Indonesia should be proud,” said Wenas, after the signing of the MoU.

MatahariMall offers two O2O solutions. In big cities, MatahariMall will be supported by PopBox Asia. In other cities and regencies, MatahariMall offers Pickup&PayCOD services. MatahariMall also collaborates with PT Pos Indonesia in sending out goods across Indonesia.

"PT Pos Indonesia is sincerely committed to present the best services for Indonesia. There has been a significant increase of people who embrace online shopping, and it continues to escalate year by year. This encourages us to meet the needs for online shopping, (in a) fast and comfortable manner by providing MatahariMall’s eLockers in PT Pos Indonesia’s branch offices,” said Gilarsi WS, President Director, PT Pos Indonesia.

“This collaboration is a wonderful step in our vision to take part in nurturing Indonesia’s economic growth. We hope that this strategic collaboration can be proven beneficial for people in second tier cities and remote areas throughout Indonesia,” said Emirsyah Satar.

*MMall-goers are MatahariMall customers.