30 December 2015

Magellan to launch new DashCam Navigators at CES 2016

Picture of the dashcam.
Source: Magellan. The RoadMate RMT-LM, a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence category, includes dual HD cameras for a 340 degree field of view. It also includes a host of advanced navigation features and location based content for a complete all-in-one solution. 

Magellan will introduce new DashCam Navigators at CES 2016. Combining Magellan's navigation and video recording capabilities, the three new PND DashCam devices are designed for safety-conscious drivers who want to record traffic incidents, as well as scenic and unusual events.

"Our new DashCam Navigators give users flexibility, peace of mind, and the confidence gained from using dependable Magellan engineering," commented Stig Pedersen, Magellan AVP of product management. "Plus, each model comes with well-known Magellan navigation features such as landmark guidance, junction view, parking mode and red light and speed camera warnings from PhantomALERT for improved driver safety."

The RoadMate 6630T-LM features a 5" glass capacitive touch panel while the RoadMate 7630T-LM has a 7" panel for clear maps and directional images with high-definition video viewing and improved touch sensitivity. A fully-integrated video recording function allows for easy recording, viewing, and deleting of 1080p Full HD video. 

Other capabilities include alerts for lane departures and following the car ahead too closely; impact event recording, and a collision mode which activates the camera and records video when the an impact to an unattended vehicle is detected. A 122° wide-angle lens offers an enhanced peripheral view.

The flagship model for the family, the RoadMate 7670T-LM is a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence category. In addition to all of the features above, the RoadMate 7670T-LM also includes the following:
  • Dual HD cameras – Two 170° wide-angle lenses, one forward facing and one backward facing, provide a 340° field of view for high definition video capture. Each camera can rotate 360° to capture content in any direction. 
  • The magnetic mount is easily removed and can be rotated to any angle.
  • There is optional support for up to three additional external cameras to capture a 360° view around the vehicle exterior, and an optional remote steering wheel control for the cameras.
The Magellan MiVue 420 features lane departure and collision avoidance warnings, ultra high definition recording, and a wide angle lens that increases driver peace of mind and safety.
Source: Magellan. The Magellan MiVue 420 features lane departure and collision avoidance warnings, ultra high definition recording, and a wide angle lens that increases driver peace of mind and safety.

Magellan is also expanding its lineup of MiVue DashCam devices at CES 2016. Four new affordable DashCam devices will be launched: the MiVue 320, MiVue 420, MiVue 430 and MiVue 450D.

"Our four new models are designed with superior image quality, large storage capacity and extended battery life," said Pedersen. "Plus, select new models have new features such as lane departure and collision avoidance warnings, dual cameras and wide angle lenses that increase driver peace of mind and safety."
Every new MiVue DashCam for 2016 brings a host of features to drivers including:
  • MiVue Manager, an intuitive interface to browse and share recorded videos. 
  • Parking mode – In situations where an impact occurs while the car is parked, the DashCam wakes up to record the event. The device can be always-on with vehicles that have constant power supplies. 
  • Impact sensor – Records impact forces, which show the direction and magnitude of a collision. When the three-axis sensor detects sudden changes in motion, the device instantly saves protected files to prevent them from being overwritten. 
  • Night view enhancement adjusts for available light to ensure the best picture quality. 
  • Photo evidence can be collected in camera mode. With the built-in battery, the device can be taken out of the car to get closeup photos. 
  • The built-in, high-sensitivity GPS receiver automatically provides a location and timestamp during playback. 
  • The 140° wide-angle lens provides an enhanced peripheral view.

The new Magellan RoadMate DashCam Navigators product line will be available online at www.magellangps.com in Q216 with manufacturer's suggested retail pricing starting at US$179.99. The new MiVue DashCam product line will be available online in Q2 2016 with suggested retail pricing starting at US$109.99.

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