30 December 2015

New Soundstream head units at CES

Epsilon Electronics, a car audio and video products manufacturer that operates as a corporate umbrella for Soundstream, as well as Power Acoustik, Precision Power, Farenheit, and Epsilon-Pro, has said that it will unveil a new product line of head units at CES 2016.

The Soundstream AptiX series VR-65B head unit showing Bluetooth capability, USB support, as well as radio and disc playback functions.
Source: Epsilon Electronics. The Soundstream AptiX series VR-65B head unit.

New in the 2016 product line are the Soundstream AptiX series VR-65B head units and the Power Acoustik head units Incite Series PDN-621HB. Both AptiX and Incite Series operating systems use advanced electronics to bring fast reaction times to automotive multimedia entertainment systems.

Premium units feature built-in advanced GPS Navigation with MobileLink 2-way MHL complete smart phone integration, or Sirius/XM satellite radio ready interface. Standards for all models include SmartSense capacitive glass touch panels, Bluetooth V3.0 for hands-free calling, and fast charging of enabled mobile devices. Selected units add multi-colour illumination or an advanced audio staging equaliser. Each universal 2-DIN* model uses a 6.2" active matrix LCD display with adjustable LED backlighting. 1-DIN models available around Q316 include motorised 7" and detachable 3.4" LCDs. 

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*Head units often come in a size known as a single 'DIN' (180 x 50 mm) or a double DIN (180 x 100 mm panel).