19 February 2016

Thomson Reuters launches solution to maximise tax savings

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Credits & Incentives Pinpointer: International is a new solution designed to help multinational corporations (MNCs) identify tax credits and incentives that apply to global jurisdictions to maximise tax-saving opportunities.

Although global jurisdictions offer a variety of business tax and credit incentives to attract investors, many of these opportunities are difficult to uncover and often go unclaimed, due to language barriers, hard-to-find information, and the complexity of navigating local websites, Thomson Reuters said. 

“Companies are not realising the full benefits of the tax credits and incentives to which they are entitled,” said Alan Cohen, VP of international markets with the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters. “This solution offers guidance for businesses operating in global jurisdictions, as well as those looking to expand or relocate by providing important, hard-to-find resources to take advantage of available incentives around the globe.”

Credits & Incentives Pinpointer: International covers more than 20 credit types available in close to 60 countries. Some key features include: 
  • Coverage of the most hard-to-find tax credits and incentives information
  • A summary table view which compares credits and tax saving opportunities across multiple jurisdictions 
  • Additional coverage including potential value from the credits, eligibility requirements, statute references, and links to the statutes online for in-depth research for select jurisdictions.