10 March 2016

The RYDE Carpool Challenge starts this April

RYDE, the Singapore carpooling app, has in partnership with Cycle & Carriage launched RYDE Carpool Challenge with a Mitsubishi Attrage as the giveaway.

RYDE’s first nationwide campaign runs for eight months, from 1 April 2016. With the help of all members, RYDE targets to clock a total carpool distance of 1,000,000km and thereby reduce 200,000kg of carbon emissions in this campaign. The aim is to promote carpooling as a more sustainable option to move around.

Every month, two winners will be picked - the top rider and top driver with the most number of successful carpool trips for that month. At the end of eight months, the top three riders and top three drivers from the monthly winners will proceed to the final round to compete for the grand prize. A member may only win one monthly challenge but can continue to improve on his or her personal performance in later months, with the best score used in a bid to qualify for the finals. All scores will be calculated based on the number of successful carpool trips per month.

The final round involves the six finalists sharing their most memorable carpooling experience and why they want to win the car. The winner receives a Mitsubishi Attrage, an ecofriendly sedan, in December 2016.

“We are very excited to partner RYDE to help promote carpooling in Singapore. The Attrage has superior fuel efficiency of 20.8km/litre; this enables the driver to save more with every ride!” said Alvyn Ang, Director of Operations from Cycle & Carriage.

Aviva will also be sponsoring a free one-year motor insurance plan for the winner. Pan Jinlong, Head of General Insurance from Aviva, said, “We are happy to work with RYDE to create awareness for carpooling because this is an ecofriendly alternative for the daily commute.”

Terence Zou, Founder and CEO of RYDE Technologies, said, “We want to promote carpooling in a fun, creative and engaging way where everyone can do their part in reducing our carbon footprint with some friendly competition. The average car on the road emits 187g CO2/km. We chose a fuel efficient car, the Mitsubishi Attrage that emits only 113g CO2/km as the grand prize. A perfect car to carpool with!”

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