16 April 2016

Increase effiiciency for hospitality and retail with Epson solutions

Epson Singapore, a provider of point-of-sales (POS) and labelling printers, showcased its latest POS solutions to streamline operations and enhance cost efficiency for the food and hospitality industries at Food&HotelAsia2016 (FHA2016)FHA2016 is the premier trade show in Asia that focuses on food and hospitality products and solutions from around the world.

Epson worked with system integrators Enterprise Advance System Intelligence (EASI) and POS Square to transform its booth at FHA2016 into a theme park with ticketing and F&B scenarios to show how its POS and labelling printers can be seamlessly integrated into hospitality and F&B operations. The setup offers solutions from front-of-house to the kitchen, enabling service and kitchen staff alike to focus on the customer and the business.

The scenarios also feature previews of the compact TM-m30 receipt printer and versatile TM-P80 portable receipt printers, the first such previews in Southeast Asia. Set to be launched towards the later part of this year, both products are ideal for tablet POS environments, as the TM-m30 can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth or Ethernet, while the TM-P80 connects through both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Theme park scenario including self service order kiosks.
In the theme park scenario, customers can order tickets and a meal together on an interactive touch screen or tablet. With rising wage costs and an increasingly tighter labour market facing food and hospitality operators, as well as greater consumer and industry acceptance of self-service concepts, Epson has partnered with EASI to feature a self-service kiosk concept for the first time at FHA 2016. The offering enables delegates to expedite basic ordering, ticketing and payment functions, providing convenience, control and choice for the customers while reducing staffing requirements.

Epson label printer prints wristbands.
Once payment has been made, the Epson ColourWorks TM-C3510 label printer prints out child and adult wristbands for entry, as required.

Scanning a wristband for entry.
The codes printed on the wristbands can be read by a scanner on the turnstile, allowing entry for valid wristbands.

Valid wristbands allow turnstile entry.
Valid wristbands allow turnstile entry.

Order tickets for the kitchen are printed in real time.
Information on meals ordered as part of the theme park package or at a restaurant is sent wirelessly to the Epson TM-m30 receipt printer so that order tickets can be printed, giving the kitchen a headstart on cooking the food.

Tablet mounted on top of an Epson receipt printer.
A tablet can be mounted above an Epson TM-T82 receipt printer to form a compact, advanced cash register.

Kitchen staff use an interactive touch screen in conjunction with the Epson TM-m30 receipt printer to process orders.
Kitchen staff use an interactive touch screen powered by the TM-T88V-DT, which can control other POS devices such as the Epson TM-m30 receipt printer wirelessly to process orders. Staff can indicate when the queued order is being processed, and also when it is ready for collection. Every order that is marked as ready for collection triggers the printing of a collection ticket on the TM-m30 printer that can be paired with the food. At the same time the TM-T88V-DT ensures the display of the order number at the collection counter, so that the customer can pick it up. 

Different types of tickets can be printed on the receipt printer to manage workflow.
Different types of tickets can be printed on the receipt printer to manage workflow. The same wirelessly-connected receipt printer can be used not only for order tickets, but to print an indication of when the food has been prepared and is ready for collection, as well as another ticket to indicate that the food has been collected.

Products showcased include:

The Epson TM-P80 mobile receipt printer (background) is  larger than the TM-P20 in the foreground as it  accommodates receipts with a width of 3". It is designed  to be worn by wait-staff who can then process an order  and print a receipt for it on the spot.
The Epson TM-P80 mobile receipt printer (background) is
larger than the 
TM-P20 in the foreground as it
accommodates receipts with a width of 3". It is designed
to be worn by wait-staff who can then process an order
and print a receipt for it on the spot.
Epson TM-P80 mobile receipt printers: Coupled together with a tablet/smart device, the new TM-80 allows servers to place orders and process payment anywhere, anytime. The TM-P80 combines the portable form factor introduced in the TM-P20, with compatibility with the industry standard 80mm receipt width.

Epson TM-m30 receipt printer: allows for either top or front access configurations to suit different POS setups, and has sleek lines for modern businesses.

The compact Epson TM-T82 all-in-one receipt printer

Epson TM-T88V-DT all-in-one printer: This cloud-enabled printer features an integrated terminal hub and web server that manages point-of-sales peripherals over the web. The TM-T88V-DT’s integrated storage also ensures that orders can be tracked, stored and processed again even if the network is down.

Epson ColourWorks TM-C3510 label printer, which comes with templates for coloured labels, wristbands and tickets, and the

Epson TM-T70II receipt printer, which is the smallest in its class.

“F&B and service operators are facing thinner margins even as rental and manpower costs continue to escalate. It is imperative that businesses continue to explore technology to streamline processes and automate manual operations to increase productivity and manage costs. We believe the Epson range of POS solutions will offer an integrated, efficient and (lower)-manpower intensive option to support our customers’ needs, so that they in turn can focus on their customers and bottom line,” said Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore’s General Manager (Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Division).

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