6 May 2016

Big Street set meal promotion for May

Source: Big Street. Chilli slipper lobster in prata bag.
Source: Big Street. Chilli slipper lobster in prata bag.
Big Street, an air-conditioned split-level restaurant cum lounge, has a set meal promotion on for the month of May, built around Mother's Day that is open to all.

For S$26/person nett (minimum two diners), diners can enjoy an appetiser, soup, main course and dessert.

The set meal promotion menu includes:

Appetiser: fresh garden salad with crispy chicken

Soup: double boiled chicken with ginseng

A choice of main courses, including:
Chilli slipper lobster in prata bag
Hainanese steamed JA chicken - JA chicken is a high grade of kampong chicken
Source: Big Street. Fried fish Fillet with sweet sauce.
Source: Big Street. Fried fish Fillet with sweet sauce.
Fried fish fillet with sweet sauce

A choice of ice cream for dessert (one flavour), including:
Alphonso mango sorbet
Horlicks ball


This offer is available throughout the month of May for lunch or dinner. The 7% GST is absorbed by Big Street and there is no service charge.

Big Street is at 104-106 Jalan Besar (literally, 'big street'). Call +65 6100 2661 for reservations

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