7 May 2016

Meet Circles.Life, the new telco vying for your mobile data dollars in Singapore

Source: Circles.Life. What Circles.Life stands for.

New digital telco Circles.Life will be introducing a new 4G mobile experience for the data-savvy consumer segment in Singapore. The company hopes to give more power to the customer with data-centric plans by disrupting the way telco services are sold.

Circles.Life enables subscribers to pay only for what they want, rather than what the telco has on offer: the amount of data, minutes, SMS and add-ons, the choice of a phone, the payment method and plan are all available online. At the same time Circle.Life’s intelligent software and data analytics engine delivers new capabilities including better customisation of services, on-demand control, real-time usage monitoring to improve the customer experience.

"We are here to bring the power back to the digital customer. Circles.Life’s innovative platform allows our customers to experience telco in a way they’ve always wanted,” said Rameez Ansar, co-founder of Circles.Life. “By doing this, we hope we can be part of leading innovation in the telco industry which is characterised by data and analytics. We hope others will join us in the path forward.”

“We support Circles.Life’s vision of delivering a digital telco experience to customers, and look forward to working with Circles.Life to grow the partnership,” said Lee Kok Chew, M1 Chief Commercial Officer. M1 signed an agreement in July 2015 to provide Liberty Wireless with the means to deliver voice, messaging and data access to its customers using M1’s mobile network. Liberty Wireless owns the Circles Asia brand which is offering Circles.Life.


Customers can register their interest to subscribe to Circles.Life plans

Source: Circles.Life. Pricing plans can add up to as low as S$28 a month.
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