14 July 2016

Suggestions for business meetings in Jakarta

The WIEF Foundation has some halal dining suggestions for business meetings at the World Islamic Economic Forum, which takes place August 2 to 4 this year in Jakarta, Indonesia:

Anomali Coffee
A coffee franchise with branches across Jakarta and Bali, Anomali Coffee offers top-notch coffee rich in fragrance and flavour. The baristas are well-trained in the art of coffee brewing. Outlets also provide free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning. 

Jakarta - The Dharmawangsa
The Jakarta Restaurant at the Dharmawangsa hotel offers traditional Indonesian, Asian and contemporary Western cuisines in a swanky yet relaxed setting. It serves a range of delicacies such as foie gras and premium caviar, and a selection of fine tea.

Seribu Rasa 
Seribu Rasa literally means "a thousand tastes" and lives up to its name by offering Indonesia's diverse local cuisine such as satay, chicken mango and prawns in a sambal sauce. There are several branches scattered across Jakarta and their tasteful decor and atmosphere make them an impressive venue for meeting business partners.

Dapur Baba Elite 
Dapur Baba Elite's decor is marked with antique trinkets, statues and vintage portraits, but the Peranakan menu is what takes centrestage. The Peranakan are Straits-born Chinese who settled in the Malay Archipelago, and who are also referred to as Baba Nyonya. One bestseller is nasi tjampoer babah, or pandan-infused rice served on banana leaves alongside nine Javanese side dishes. Another must-try is the ikan goreng moelet garing boembon, or fried fish marinated in spices and grated coconut. 

Pondok Laguna serves mostly seafood prepared in the traditional Indonesian style. This seafood restaurant is popular with locals and for business gatherings, so reservations are best. It is not air-conditioned, and frequently packed. Recommended dishes include deep fried gourami, fried calamari, fried stuffed tofu and fish head curry.