15 July 2016

LinkedIn compiles insights on Millennials into playbook

Source: LinkedIn website. Banner for the Millennial Playbook.
Source: LinkedIn website. Banner for the Millennial Playbook.

LinkedIn has shared marketing research from Carat Consumer Insights that identifies four broad personas for Millennials:

#TrendNetters are the closest to the media perception of millennials. They live their lives online, and thrive on feedback and peer recognition

#AlterNatives are more quiet, introverted, and concerned with privacy. They’re more tech-savvy than others because they want control of the devices they own

#LYFPreneurs are ambitious, hard-working, hard-playing go-getters looking to find the next transformative business model

#BetaBlazers are intensely knowledgeable, forward-thinking, trailblazing types who are all about quality over quantity

LinkedIn’s research discovered the number one thing Millennials want out of a job is advancement opportunity, narrowly beating out better pay and challenging work. "That makes sense; the days of spending 40 years in one job are long gone. We want to move up the ladder fast. And if we get stalled, we’re not shy about seeking out new opportunities," said Alexandra Rynne, Associate Content Marketing Manager, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn, in a blog post.

Rynne also noted that Millennials spend time on LinkedIn, too. The 87 million millennials on LinkedIn worldwide, account for under a quarter of members, and yet 30% are long-form publishers on LinkedIn, she said.


LinkedIn has compiled its insights on Millennials in the Millennial Playbook. The playbook includes
  • The four types of Millennials, according to Carat Research
  • Top Millennial occupations on LinkedIn and what Millennials want in a job
  • What content Millennials engage with the most on LinkedIn
  • The top 26 Millennial influencers to follow