8 March 2017

We'll give you 20GB for S$20 a month: Circles.Life

Virtually unlimited data - Circles.Life subscribers can enjoy 20GB more per month
for S$20 on top of any existing data quota plus bonus data they may have.

Circles.Life, Singapore’s fourth postpaid operator and the only digital telco, is allowing subscribers to enjoy practically unlimited data for S$20 a month.

"Our mission is providing an exceptional customer experience to customers and giving them control," said Rameez Ansar, Circles.Life Co-Founder and Director. "'They don't want minutes and SMSes any more. They want products centred on data."

Circles.Life has introduced many industry firsts such as free caller ID, free unlimited WhatsApp, unlimited bonus data in response to customer needs. Some subscribers have qualified for as much as 56.5 extra GB a month.

With the Data Plus option offer of 20GB for S$20 Circles.Life has "the largest ever no-contract data plan under S$50 available in the market today", the company said, noting that it is unprecedented not only for Singapore but also for many parts of the Asia Pacific region.

New subscribers can opt for the 20GB Data Plus option on top of their Base Plan of S$28/month for up to 6GB of mobile data, upon sign-up on the Circles.Life website. Current Circles.Life customers on the Base Plan can add on the 20GB Data Plus option via the CirclesCare app. This is on top of any Unlimited Bonus Data that customers have accrued.

Ansar speaks about the Circles.Life business model.
Ansar speaks about the Circles.Life business model.


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