13 June 2017

KSA e-sellers asked to join Maroof

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI), KSA has warned against selling or marketing fake or counterfeit goods through websites and social media. Such acts is violate the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and Trademark System, and may lead to penalties of up to three-year imprisonment and fines of up to SR1 million.

MCI encourages entrepreneurs to register within the free e-service Maroof, as their data will be recorded by the ministry, enhancing their reliability and credibility. Maroof provides a clear picture of the e-store's quality through customers’ feedback, comments and reviews. Sellers can also market their e-shops on various Maroof platforms and list multiple contact details.

There are currently 15,000 e-stores on Maroof, offering products and services such as e-marketing, event management, women's accessories, design services, furniture, real estate and cars.
Establishments wishing to sell and market products online require a Commercial Registration document from the MCI in the field of e-commerce and e-marketing activities.


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