14 June 2017

Plantronics launches VR gaming headset

Source: Plantronics.  Plantronics launches the RIG 4VR gaming headset, designed for Playstation VR and DualShock 4 wireless controllers.
Source: Plantronics.  Plantronics launches the RIG 4VR gaming headset designed for Playstation VR and DualShock 4 wireless controllers.

Sound is a key element of the virtual reality experience.  and Plantronics, a pioneer in audio and
wearable technology, has launched the RIG 4VR gaming headset in Singapore. As the creators of consumer and tournament headsets,Plantronics knows the value immersive audio brings to gaming. RIG 4VR is a complete audio solution developed for PlayStation VR, with interchangeable cables for use with PlayStation VR and DualShock 4 wireless controllers.

"At Plantronics, we've been working with a variety of VR accessories and game developers to create audio solutions that can be worn comfortably while delivering the positional audio queues critical for VR," said Jack Reynolds, Director of Gaming Products with Plantronics.

RIG 4VR features 40mm drivers paired with low-frequency resonators for enhanced bass while maintaining accuracy of sounds. The removable flip-to-mute boom with noise-cancelling mic can be attached when using the headset with a controller, offering immersive stereo audio and exceptionally clear chat.

Part of the Plantronics RIG 500 series, the RIG 4VR is constructed with an ultra-light, super-flexible frame and modular components for comfort. An oval earcup design means it fits comfortably while in use with wearable displays like the PlayStationVR headset. As the earcups allow in some ambient sound, it helps players maintain natural balance during VR sessions. A vented design also makes it possible for in-room conversations during social VR gaming experiences and provides greater heat dissipation so players stay comfortable when marathon gaming.

Additional features include:

Personalisation: The RIG 4VR can be customised with any RIG 500 series accessories available at Plantronics, such as additional headband designs and finishes, interchangeable earcups, and more.

Flexibility: The 3.5mm audio connector included with the RIG 4VR for PlayStation VR also works with other console controllers (including Xbox One), PC/Mac, portable and mobile gaming devices .


The RIG 4VR for use with PlayStation VR and DualShock 4 controllers retails at a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of S$119. The headset is available at all Plantronics authorised retailers.

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