16 January 2018

Flightleaders.com to enrich programmes in 2018

Source: Flightleaders.com website. An aircraft cockpit.
Source: Flightleaders.com website. An aircraft cockpit.
Aviation-themed leadership training and facilitation programme provider Flightleaders.com, a division of the McGallen & Bolden Group, plans to beef up its offerings over the course of 2018.

"Corporate training will be a huge thing given the gap between the generations at the workplace, and this will transcend tech and other so-called 'disruptive' evolutions through tech. People and management will always be the breaking points," said Dr Seamus Phan, Flightleaders.com Leadership Trainer, whose specialty is corporate leadership and philosophy approaches.

"The best tech will always fail if you cannot have the right people in place, and manage all the diverse and often opinionated talents cohesively."
Flightleaders is best known for What’s Next Leadership - lessons from the ancient East. In this programme, Dr Phan and fellow Leadership Trainer Captain Michael Caston, an expert in crew resource management (CRM) as well as human factors - bring time-tested CRM and Flightleaders' proprietary trademarked benevolence, rectitude, and mindfulness (BRM) philosophy to corporate leadership and business transformation. 

"Unlike what many executives may have previously learned from Sun Tzu's Art of War (孙子兵法), we take our learners through learning points from the ethics classic Analects (論語, wisdom from Chinese sages such as Confucius, Mencius), wisdom from the Three Kingdoms (in power from the year 184 to 220), Hagakure (葉隠聞書) by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, and Gorinosho (五輪書, also known as The Book of Five Rings) by Miyamoto Musashi, both 17th century samurai classics. Our programmes are highly engaging and immersive, with role play, interactive videos, and realistic flight simulator sessions if needed, guided by commercial pilots," said Dr Phan.

Dr Phan, who is  responsible for digital and interactive training programme development at Flightleaders.com, also shared that the curriculum will become richer over the year. "For classroom settings, we will bring in more classics, including the other Chinese military classics - there are seven, which the Art of War is just one. I have already started working on two of the others, which are very fascinating," said Dr Phan.

Dr Phan pointed out that many training programmes today are based on Western thought, which spans just 200 years if US history is considered. "There is lots more wisdom to glean from thousands of years of history from this side of the world. I may include more Eastern history, including Korea, and maybe India," he said.
Flightleaders.com will also create more interactive video content for tech and engineering audiences this year, said Dr Phan. "Going forward, we intend to spend more time in 2018 to create interactive video segments, which will be useful for resource-strapped companies which cannot dedicate a whole class at a fixed timing," he explained.


Flightleaders.com offers training programmes for critical infrastructures such as those found in aviation and healthcare; corporate training including Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet and IntrinSelling, a sales leadership programme, as well as custom programmes.

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