15 January 2018

FUMI crafts complete Japanese experiences for diners

Source: FUMI Facebook page. FUMI sushi.
Source: FUMI Facebook page. FUMI sushi.

Japanese restaurant FUMI aims to bring the best of Japanese food to Hong Kong in a space filled with Japanese-inspired art, furniture and tableware. A variety of meals will be served, from multi-course omakase and kaiseki dinners to àla carte dishes and set lunches.

Located in California Tower, FUMI has exclusive access to the best seasonal ingredients from Japan, flown daily to Hong Kong and delivered straight to FUMI’s kitchen. Often served to diners mere hours after being plucked from the Japanese soil or sea, these ingredients will appear in FUMI’s sushi, sashimi, omakase and kaiseki dishes, as well as on a variety of seasonal menus.

FUMI’s seasonal menus will highlight the unique dishes and cooking techniques found in different prefectures of Japan and feature dishes never served before in Hong Kong. FUMI’s team will devise some of these seasonal menus, but others will be created and presented by celebrity Japanese guest chefs.

“Omakase” roughly translates as “I’ll leave it up to you”, indicating that the diner leaves the choice of dishes totally in the hands of the chef. Rarely written down, omakase menus change daily depending on what ingredients have been delivered to the chef that morning.

FUMI’s kaiseki menu will also be regularly updated to feature seasonal ingredients. FUMI’s kaiseki experience also showcases Japanese craftsmanship, with each course meticulously presented on tableware handmade by artisans around Japan. There are several kaiseki menus, with highlight dishes featuring the liver of the angler fish; oden, a hotpot-style dish with a broth made from two different types of katsuobushi (bonito flakes); and unusually thick slices of A4 Miyazaki beef sirloin steak served with homemade sukiyaki sauce, Japanese-style poached egg, zucchini, grilled tofu, small onion, shiitake mushroom and mini tomato.

Signature ala carte dishes include fresh soy milk skin and sea urchin with wasabi starchy soy sauce, prime sea urchin sushi trio and Miyazaki beef tenderloin tartar.

FUMI’s rooms draw upon the best of traditional Japanese crafts and contemporary design. VIP rooms are separated from the main space by classical bamboo screens and other tables will be divided by washi laminated resin panels made in Japan. A traditional sushi counter, with fresh seafood laid out on ice, will run along one wall of the restaurant. FUMI’s designers have also created a Japanese zen garden on the restaurant’s balcony.

Through food and drink, FUMI hopes to educate diners about Japanese culture and traditions, the variety of food found around Japan and how Japanese cuisine has developed over time. Planned activities include marking traditional Japanese holidays with cultural menus and Japanese dance performances, Japanese calligraphy demonstrations, and talks about Japanese food culture.

This desire to celebrate the broader culture of each prefecture is behind FUMI’s name. In Japanese, the written character “ 文 ”, which is pronounced as “fumi" in English, forms part of the Japanese and Chinese word for culture, “文化”.


FUMI is at 6/F, California Tower,
Lan Kwai Fong, 30-36 D'Aguilar St,
Central, Hong Kong.
For reservations, call +852 2328 3302 

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