18 August 2014

MotionElements adds visual search technology to

MotionElements, a Singapore-based online marketplace for royalty-free* stock animation, video footage, After Effects and Apple Motion templates, has launched an improved search engine featuring visual similarity search technology in partnership with Pixolution, a visual image search technology provider, to help stock media buyers find relevant content more easily.

Speaking of Pixolution, Joanne Chua, Co-Founder of MotionElements said, “We saw a lot of potential in the amount of utility and ease of use it provides to both buyers and sellers of stock video content, which led to our decision to invest and implement the technology to MotionElements as part of our efforts to improve our site.”

The VisualSearch feature complements existing text searches through helping to locate video content through using visual cues. Text-based searches are limited by how well video content has been described with keywords, whereas VisualSearch is able to recognise the images themselves, providing users with more accurate search results for video content libraries. 

The challenge is compounded when users search in Japanese, Korean or Chinese, all of which are supported by the site. Keywords are often only in a single language, and while they are translated, may not fully capture the semantics in different languages. “What sets us apart is that, on top of our extensive video footage library, we also have a huge selection of stock animation and After Effects templates. This often places a heavy burden on having the correct keywords to describe, for example, animated video backgrounds with keywords like 'Swirly Lines' or 'Curvy Wave',” Mark Sun, Co-Founder of MotionElements elaborated.

"The visual nature of the search overcomes the various language and semantic limitations inherent to keyword searches. This effectively globalises search for all languages, which in turn gives our Artists** confidence that their content can be found by buyers with less emphasis on the keywords”.

The company further clarified that text-based searches for content to fit subjective criteria like mood can be unsuccessful as it is impossible to guess if the keyword combination used to search with matches the keywords provided for relevant content. VisualSearch can use a reference image to come up with a list of all content that has similar images, for example.

MotionElements says users should be able to locate content in fewer steps compared to a standard keyword search. VisualSearch in MotionElements is currently a beta*** feature. More improvements are expected to be implemented as more users become familiar with the new search feature.

The company receives about 10,000 pageviews a day, with more than half of the traffic coming from Asia, MotionElements said.

*All images from MotionElements.

*Royalty-free content may be free or may require payment. If it is royalty-free, royalties do not have to be paid thereafter.

**Artists provide content for sale on MotionElements.

***Beta software is close to the final version but may not work exactly as expected.