2 April 2020

BTSE Debit Card aims to open up global access to funds

Source: BTSE. The BTSE Debit Card.
A new crypto debit card accepted at over 53 million MasterCard merchants worldwide and compatible with more than 1 million ATMs around the world has launched. The BTSE Debit Card is fundable with multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies, and does not need to be linked to a bank account.

BTSE is a fintech company that empowers individuals to take control of their financial freedom. Its crypto debit card will enable balances to be stored in four stablecoins, including Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), TrueUSD (TUSD) and Digital Chinese Yuan (DC), as well as eight fiat currencies, including Euros, British pounds, HK$, A$, S$, C$, Japanese yen and US$.

Highlights of the card include:

- Withdrawing up to US$5,000 a day at over one million ATMs around the world.

- A spending limit of up to US$250,000 a month.

- Usable everywhere MasterCard is accepted

- Accumulate points with purchases. The points can be exchanged for rewards in BTSE’s upcoming rewards shop.

BTSE has also announced a membership programme to enhance the features of the card further. BTSE Elite membership starts at US$9.99 per month and will include a free debit card upon signup.
Limited personal information is collected during signup to protect card users.

Jonathan Leong, Co-Founder and CEO of BTSE said, “With the BTSE Debit Card, we set out to solve issues that repeatedly arise with a large percentage of people, crypto and fiat holders alike that face obstacles when attempting to access their funds globally – obstacles that I see as unjustified.”

“The card offers users a globally-accepted payment option with high limits, a rewards programme, and support for multiple fiat and crypto funding options, all without the need for a bank account. Additionally, the card will only convert assets upon use, thereby allowing users to maximise their crypto asset value and appreciation.”

BTSE recently became a member of the Liquid Network – a global, collaborative effort to increase financial movements across exchanges and reduce reliance on traditional currencies.


The BTSE Debit Card costs $14.99.

The physical card is officially set to launch in May. Preregister for a card