8 March 2023

Singapore women largely feel they're paid fairly, and that their employers listen to them

Southeast Asia consumer research company Milieu Insight has conducted a study to understand sentiments about the amount of support, opportunities and rewards women receive at work among women in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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Key findings include:

- Slightly more than two thirds (67%) of Singapore women feel that they are fairly remunerated for their work, but only 51% feel that they are rewarded fairly for going above and beyond

- Slightly under two thirds (65%) of Singapore women think that their companies are receptive to their feedback, but only 50% think that they act upon them

- Nearly four in 10 (39%) Singapore women feel that they have to work harder to achieve their goals because of their gender, lower that their counterparts in Indonesia (55%)

Singapore scored lower than counterparts in other countries for the following questions:

- “I am equipped with the resources I need to finish my tasks within working hours.” (Singapore: 79%, Indonesia: 88%, Philippines: 93%)

- “I am rewarded fairly when I go above and beyond my job scope.” (Singapore: 51%, Indonesia: 68%, Philippines: 62%)

- “There is someone at work whom I can celebrate my work achievements with.” (Singapore: 58%, Indonesia: 74%, Philippines: 83%) 

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*Based on Milieu Insight surveys with n=500 female employees each from Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, conducted via Milieu Insight's online proprietary panel in February 2023.