11 September 2023

Roborock launches more cleaning devices, including a wet-dry convertible

Source: Roborock. The Dyad Pro Combo wet-dry convertible vacuum cleaner..
Source: Roborock. The Dyad Pro Combo.

Roborock, a global ultra-intelligent robotics provider, has launched new floor cleaning devices for the mid-range market. The Q5 Pro and the Q8 Max join the Q-Series as Roborock’s newest mid-range robot vacuum offerings, while the Dyad Pro Combo is the brand’s latest convertible vacuum for both wet and dry messes.

Richard Chang, Founder and CEO of Roborock said: “The Q5 Pro, Q8 Max, and Dyad Pro Combo are more than just cleaning companions, they’re designed so users can live their lives with more spontaneity and flexibility."

The Q5 Pro is the latest entry-level option for the company’s Q Series, while the Q8 Max offers advanced features such as obstacle avoidance technology. Both devices are equipped with the DuoRoller Brush system and have suction power of 5,500 Pa.

The Q5 Pro and Q8 Max use LiDAR navigation to create a detailed map of the surroundings. Fine control is available through the Roborock App, which provides smart suggestions for no-go zones, fast cleaning, and cleaning directions that improve cleaning efficiency and save time for the user.

The Q8 Max also comes with Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance system, allowing the robot to manoeuvre around common hazards.

Both the Q5 Pro and Q8 Max offer proven mopping systems with simultaneous vacuum and mopping capability. The enhanced version of both models, the Q5 Pro+ and Q8 Max+, are paired with the RockDock Plus auto-emptying dock with E-12 Rated dust bags, storing up to seven weeks of dust without manual emptying.

Dyad Pro Combo

The Dyad Pro Combo is a wet-dry vacuum with the ability to convert into a handheld vacuum. It has up to 43 minutes of run time when used as a wet-dry vacuum and 60 minutes as a handheld vacuum.

It boasts 17,000 Pa of suction power with the ability to clean as close to 1 mm away from edges and corners. Intelligent features adapt cleaning power, water flow, and the ability to automatically dispense a cleaning solution.

Maintenance is effortless with the Dyad Pro Combo’s self-cleaning system. It automatically cleans the roller brushes and then dries them with 50℃ air.

The Q5 Pro, Q8 Max, Dyad Pro Combo will be available to purchase on Amazon in October. The Q5 Pro starts at an MSRP of $429.99, the Q8 Max at US$599.99, and the Dyad Pro Combo at US$659.99.