14 September 2023

Singtel offers more affordable way to get a new iPhone every year

To mark the launch of the new iPhone 15, Singtel is introducing Bring it Back – an easy and affordable way for consumers to upgrade to the latest iPhone model every year, without any upfront payment.

Diana Chen, MD for Customer Value, Singtel Singapore said: “At Singtel, we are determined to deliver the best mobile experience, and this includes making the latest devices more affordable and accessible to our customers. Through our Bring it Back programme, which combines bite-sized payments with a hassle-free trade in process at a guaranteed value, Singtel customers will be able to walk out of our stores paying nothing upfront for the latest iPhone every year.”

Customers who get an iPhone 15 with Bring it Back do not need to make any upfront payment for their new phone. Instead, payments are broken down into smaller monthly blocks. To help protect the value of the customer’s iPhone in case of any accidental mishaps, Singtel’s MobileSwop device care service has been incorporated into Bring it Back.

After 12 months, customers have the option to bring back their iPhone 15 to Singtel for a guaranteed trade-in value of 50% of the original phone price. This helps alleviate any inconvenience or uncertainty from trying to sell their handsets on secondary market platforms. The trade-in value received will then be used to offset the customer’s upgrade to the newest iPhone model at S$0 upfront. To give customers more flexibility, they can also choose to keep their iPhone 15 by continuing to pay its monthly instalments.


Bring it Back is available to all existing and new Singtel SIM-only customers who purchase the iPhone 15 from now until 31 December 2023.

Cost breakdown of owning a new iPhone 15 using Bring it Back

iPhone 15 Pro Max (256 GB) with a recommended retail price (RRP) of S$1,999: upfront S$0 (payments by instalment over the next 24 months)

Monthly payments for the phone over 24 months with Singtel PayLater: S$83.29

In 12 months, the consumer would have paid S$1,155.72 for the phone

Add the monthly cost of Bring it Back with MobileSwop Unlimited Premium: S$13.02

After 12 months, the consumer can now "bring it back" and redeem the trade-in value for the iPhone 15: S$999.50

The money offsets the cost of a new iPhone (256 GB). As before, the consumer pays S$0 upfront, and will be billed in instalments over 24 months for the new iPhone, minus the S$999.50 trade-in value of the iPhone 15.