27 May 2015

VFS Global offers new visa services for Dubai

VFS Global, an outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide, has announced that its 33 Dubai Visa Processing Centres (DVPCs) in 16 countries support more visa services for all types of travellers – including those arriving for business or MICE. 

VFS Global plans to launch UAE visa application services via DVPC mobile applications this summer (Editor's note: roughly June to August). The online website shall be device compatible via www.emirates.com to cater to the online UAE visa application process. Smartphone and tablet users will also be able to download and install apps from Apple’s App store & Google’s Play store respectively.

By facilitating UAE visa applications via www.emirates.com, the DVPC can reach residents of over 180 countries and facilitate their travel to Dubai. With Emirates’ network of operations across the globe and the accessibility of an online UAE visa application process, travel to Dubai has become even more convenient. 

DVPC offers visa categories for passengers travelling Emirates, the airline, in addition to the other categories. The newly introduced multiple entry visas are valid for 30- and 90-day travel and are only offered at DVPC centres and via the DVPC website. DVPC also supports the service with contact centres and email support to assist the applicant throughout the process. Its services include:
• UAE visas of different duration – 96 hours, 14-day, 30-day and 90-day
• E-visas 
• Uniform pricing all year round
• Online tracking of visa status
• Value added services like Express Visa facility – delivery within 48 hours of the time of application, door-to-door services 
• Dubai Airport Meet & Assist