19 November 2015

A taste of an Italian Christmas in Singapore at Casa Ferrero

Ferrero, producer of the world's most celebrated praline, Ferrero Rocher, has brought back the magic of an Italian Christmas to Singapore this year. The elegance is what stands out when you enter Casa Ferrero, Ferrero's only pop-up store in Southeast Asia. The gold of the classic Ferrero Rocher praline is replicated throughout the store, complemented by the glint of crystal chandeliers, the comforting fragrance of espresso, and, of course, the distinctive hint of roasted hazelnuts which permeates the place.

Casa Ferrero is larger than last year's pop-up, Pasticceria Ferrero, which was also situated outside the Wisma Atria mall along Orchard Road in Singapore. Designed to recreate the atmosphere of an Italian mansion, Casa Ferrero features a mouthwatering chocolate-making demonstration on the right and a photo-wall on the left.

The pre-packaged Golden Gallery is exclusively available at Casa Ferrero (S$23). The gift box features Ferrero Manderly, Ferrero Rondnoir, Ferrero Tenderly White, and the classic Ferrero Rocher.

Shelves of softly glowing confectionery dominate the middle part of the store, inviting visitors to pick out and personalise with pralines and special edition morsels of indulgence exclusively available in Singapore at Casa Ferrero till early January 2016. Visitors will also be able to savour their pralines with a cup of complimentary espresso in a setting reminiscent of sidewalk Italian cafes. Exclusive Ferrero Gift Cards are available to accompany any gifts they choose to purchase.

Leonardo Perrone de Almeida, Marketing Director, South East Asia, Ferrero Asia said, "When we introduced the Pasticerria Ferrero last year, we were heartened by the response we got from customers who came from around the region. This year, we want to give Singapore a piece of the Italian experience as they select the perfect gift for their loved ones. Casa Ferrero not only continues to offer exclusive pralines not available at other times, but will also immerse shoppers in the heritage, culture and craftsmanship that has made Ferrero Rocher the praline of choice all over the world."

Leonardo Perrone de Almeida, Marketing Director, South East Asia, Ferrero Asia (left) looks on as Qi and Peh take turns to speak during the launch of the photo-wall.

Celebrity couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu were once again present to join de Almeida in the ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the official opening of Casa Ferrero for the Christmas season. Peh revealed that the event is particularly significant as she had been pregnant with the couple's Jubilee baby - born on National Day 2015 - at the opening of Pasticceria Ferrero the year before, but had not known of it then.

A special card was created for their three-month-old daughter, who is celebrating her first Christmas this year. Peh spoke of being extremely moved when she looks at her firstborn and said she hopes to keeps traditions alive with her. "I like to do things with my hands and I hope that my daughter will share this tradition," she said, speaking about baking as an example.

Qi added that the couple is honoured to be at Casa Ferrero. "It has been a very memorable year," he said in Mandarin. "The place has a romantic atmosphere and I'm very happy to be here."

Ferrero is also extending the opportunity for a unique Italian creation online. Singapore-based shoppers can visit www.Ferreroitaliancreation.com to capture their own unique Ferrero Gift Card. Completing the experience is yet another iconic example of fine Italian craftsmanship - the Fiat Alfa Romeo Giulietta - which awaits the most creative card uploaded with the hashtag #FerreroltalianCreation. The Italian-made car is Ferrero's way of thanking Singaporeans for their love for its brand.

To bring Singaporeans into the heart of the making of Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Master Chocolatiers Maria Grazia Andaloro and Beatrice Boero Cuttica have flown in from Italy to lead live demonstrations of the process that has made Ferrero Rocher the region's favourite praline.

"Casa Ferrero is our way of showing gratitude and appreciation to the consumers for their love and affection towards Ferrero Rocher. As the number one chocolate brand in Singapore. Ferrero Rocher has been a part of many precious moments. we want to continue helping Singaporeans create even more cherished memories with their loved ones, while also sharing with them the Italian heritage and craftsmanship," said de Almeida.

Ferrero Master Chocolatiers Cuttica (left) and Andaloro (right) working on the chocolate-dipping process (left) and covering the pralines with finely crushed hazelnuts on the right. The wafer cores of the confectionery are in the tray in the middle. 

Ferrero Rocher is made only with high quality ingredients, beginning with the handpicking of the finest of hazelnuts which form the heart of Ferrero Rocher. Each classic praline is handmade by Ferrero chefs who enclose whole hazelnuts in a wafer sphere and hazelnut cream, cover the spheres in an even layer of molten chocolate, and then toss the result in finely crushed roasted hazelnuts.

The different faces of parenthood. Qi (left) and Peh speak about the wonder of parenthood.
Detail of the photo-wall, which shows an Italian countryside background at the first blush of sunset.


Casa Ferrero stocks the following pralines which are only available for the festive season at the pop up store: Ferrero Tenderly White (white chocolate, hazelnut), Ferrero Cappucino, Ferrero Tenderly Torroncino (milk chocolate, hazelnut), Ferrero Manderly (hazelnut cream and almond), Pocket Coffee, Kusschen White, Kusschen Milk, and Kusschen Dark. Raffaello and Ferrero Rondnoir (cocoa cream, dark chocolate, hazelnut) are also available in addition to the classic Ferrero Rocher. These pralines are part of the assortment in the Ferrero Collection. Ferrero Rocher has also brought its Christmas Limited Edition Grand Ferrero Rocher and the Christmas Pyramid to Singapore.

Chocolate-making demonstrations will be held over the next nine weekends from 4pm to 5pm and from 6pm to 7pm. View the Instagram video of the process

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