6 December 2015

Big gap in health and fitness mobile app market

A report from the Media and Services UX group at Strategy Analytics surveying avid health and fitness consumers using health and/or fitness mobile applications has found that implementing multiple improvements will lead to more useful, usable, and compelling solutions.

Surveying consumers in the US and UK who used at least one health and/or fitness mobile application multiple times per week, Strategy Analytics found that many of these apps catered only had a single focus, such as health (food entry and logging for example), or fitness (tracking a run/walk as an instance). Consumers who were interested in tracking both were forced to seek multiple apps to complement one another, each requiring separate data entry, when what they want is an all-in-one app for health and fitness.

Christopher Dodge, Associate Director, MSX and report author, commented, “As many health and fitness apps currently exist for free, smarter health/fitness app offerings could serve as strong differentiators amongst competing apps and provide an opportunity for a paid health/fitness app – significantly, consumers in this study were willing to pay for this experience.”

Kevin Nolan, VP, UXIP, added, “These apps need to be intelligent enough to learn user behaviour, remind users to interact with the app after a certain amount of time has elapsed, and perhaps more importantly, provide proactive recommendations and suggestions based on user habits and behaviours. This will not only help to motivate the user to achieve their personal goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle far more efficiently, but also enhance the overall user experience of these types of apps.”