6 December 2015

Indosat Ooredoo launches 4G-LTE service nationwide

Source: Ooredoo.

Indosat Ooredoo has launched its high speed 4G-LTE service nationwide. The company announced that the faster connectivity and clearer voice quality its new 4Gplus data network provides is available at the same price as existing 3G services.

Over the past two years Indosat Ooredoo has doubled existing network speeds and offered the fastest 3G Internet speeds available. Its 4Gplus service offers download speeds independently tested at reaching up to 185Mbps.

Indosat Ooredoo’s 4Gplus service is available in 21 cities throughout Indonesia, with another 14 to be added by the end of 2015. Indosat Ooredoo is committed to offering the service to 5 million subscribers more each month in 2016.

Alexander Rusli, President Director and CEO commented: “The plus in Indosat Ooredoo’s 4Gplus service is more than raw data high-speed and bandwidth. As we introduce more people to digital society, we want our service be more accessible for Indonesian people. We want to remove the painpoints and worries that we know customers experience and help them to enjoy and get the most out of the service available to them.

“We want to go the extra mile for our customers and make our service affordable, accessible and easy for people to understand how it can improve their everyday lives. We want our customers to be able to stream a football match live without buffering, to make video calls via Skype without interruptions, to be able to work confidently on-the-go and to browse, chat and upload a selfie without delays. This is what we mean when we say the best digital experience possible.”

The launch of 4Gplus complements the recent expansion of the company’s store footprint. Indosat Ooredoo recently has signed an agreement with EraJaya to further expand it to 350 outlets in the coming years.

Alexander Rusli added: “As we build the leading digital telco we want to create a totally new digital experience where the customer has access to the widest range of smartphones, the most transparent and attractive data plans, digital apps and content for trials, all coupled with the most personal service. ”


Indosat Ooredoo’s 4Gplus customers will receive a free data quota of up to 10GB, to be used on the 4G network.  Indosat Ooredoo customers will enjoy 10,000 minutes of voice calls to a loved one on a Indosat Ooredoo number free of charge, with topups from Rp10,000 onwards.

Bundle plans are available from Rp899. Bundle customers may enjoy 6GB of bonus quota valid for three months with a prepaid service or from Rp100 a month with a postpaid service.

Current Indosat Ooredoo customers who do not have a 4G USIM can upgrade their current SIM card to a 4Gplus USIM for free at the nearest Indosat Ooredoo store or through roving mobile agents, who will be situated at central areas.