20 December 2015

Socialbakers slices dining by Facebook fanbases

Source: Socialbakers website.

The fastest-growing restaurant and cafe Facebook pages in Indonesia include The Duck King, Potato Head Garage, and Kudeta, according to Socialbakers, which tracks and benchmarks social media profiles across major social platforms. The most popular Facebook pages for dining in Indonesia are Excelso Coffee, with nearly 52,000 fans, Kudeta with over 44,500 and The Duck King Group with over 10,500.

Source: Socialbakers website.

In India, Al Kabab Restaurant is the top Facebook page for dining with 62,000+ fans, followed by Thai restaurant Soi7 in second place (47,000+ fans) and the Blue Blazer (nearly 45,000 fans). Al Kabab is the most popular page, followed by Moonshine Cafe and Rollmaal, which serves rolls with a wide range of fillings.

Source: Socialbakers website.

For Turkey, the fastest growing dining-related Facebook pages include KasapDoner, WOW Bodrum Resort and Anjelique. The most popular pages are Melekler Kahvesi with 294,600+ fans, Karakoy Gulluoglu with 78,000 fans and WOW Bodrum Resort with just under 78,000 fans.


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