2 January 2016

SoundStream Rubicon amplifiers designed for easy adjustment after installation

The Soundstream Rubicon Nano amplifier.
Source: Epsilon Electronics. The Soundstream Rubicon Nano amplifier.

Epsilon Electronics will also be unveiling new Soundstream Rubicon amplifiers at CES 2016.

Improving on the optimum class D performance, reliability, and footprint of the Picasso Nano platform, the Rubicon Nano has relocated signal inputs, power/ground, and speaker connections for an easier install. All pre-amp and crossover options are located at the top for adjustments after installation.

The device also has increased power supply and output stage components, as well as monoblock bridging capability. 2016 Rubicon Nano models include four-channel, five-channel, and class D monoblocks of up to 2,500 watts.


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