21 February 2016

Avast Wi-Fi Finder locates reliable Wi-Fi connections around the world

Avast has announced Avast Wi-Fi Finder, an Android app designed to help consumers find reliable, fast and secure Wi-Fi connections, regardless of their location. A map interface pinpoints recommended and crowdsourced hotspots.

"Many of us have found ourselves in situations when travelling or working remotely in which we’re unable to find reliable and secure Wi-Fi,” said Gagan Singh, President of mobile at Avast. “With the Avast Wi-Fi Finder, consumers are now able to find a safe and fast Wi-Fi connection whether you’re at the gym, hotel, airport, bus station, library or cafĂ©.”

In August 2015, Avast launched a product crowdsourcing program that allowed Avast Mobile Security users to help Avast harvest nearby available Wi-Fi spots. By enlisting its installed base of 230 million users, Avast collected Wi-Fi hotspot data from volunteers and evaluated each hotspot’s security level before launching Avast Wi-Fi Finder. The Avast Wi-Fi Finder is available for free and can be downloaded from Google Play.