9 May 2016

AIN adds English, Chinese websites for the fashion-conscious

Source: AIN English website. Thumbnails of AIN clothing.
Source: AIN English website.

A Korean brand specialising in women's fashion is repositioning itself as a global brand with a special focus on mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

AIN has received a good response from selling its products through third party global e-commerce marketplaces, and has now begun its English and Chinese websites through cafe24, Korea's largest e-commerce platform. AIN CEO Park A-In noted that customers like AIN's unique, modern designs and overall image. "The key to success when entering the global market is providing customers with what they are looking for," he said.

AIN's collection is curated for mix-and-match convenience and to enhance the wearer's character and uniqueness. Approximately 20% of the products sold are designed and manufactured directly by AIN.