16 December 2016

Honor Magic pushes boundaries on smartphone capabilities

Source: Honor. Honor Magic incorporates AI technology to make better predictions of what the user wants.
Source: Honor. Honor Magic incorporates AI technology to make better predictions of what the user wants.

Honor, the smartphone e-brand for digital natives under the Huawei Group, celebrated its third-year anniversary with the launch of Honor Magic, which breaks new ground by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to provide more interactivity.

The Honor Magic sports a stylish, ergonomic design, with a 3D curved glass body. Powered by a Kirin 950, the Honor Magic features a 5.09" 2K AMOLED curved screen, intelligent sensors and recognition technology. 

The WiseScreen sensor enables users to unlock their phone by simply picking up and looking at the screen, while the display will automatically turn off and lock the screen once the phone is put down or placed in a pocket. The FaceCode intelligent recognition feature, on the other hand, ensures total privacy by only revealing message notifications to the pre-registered face.

Honor Magic's Smart Display proactively retrieves and displays practical information. Ordering a cab with Honor Magic will trigger the driver's license plate number to be displayed on-screen. To further improve the user experience, the Honor Magic houses the Honor Magic Live system, which anticipates users' needs. The system can customise recommendations based on users' social conversations via instant messaging. Conversations about movies, for instance, will trigger blockbuster recommendations. 

The Honor Magic also uses Huawei Magic Power, a proprietary speed charging technology, which recharges 70% of the battery in 20 minutes, and 40% in 10 minutes*. 

"The Honor Magic encapsulates our commitment to cutting-edge innovation and technology," said George Zhao, President of Honor. "Through this launch, we at Honor are telling our fans around the globe that we are genuinely committed to challenging ourselves and willing to disrupt the status quo to ultimately be able to bring the best mobile-Internet experience to them."

*Data based on Honor lab testing. Battery life may vary based on usage patterns and network conditions.