16 December 2016

Capella Singapore unveils Chinese new year promotions

Capella Singapore welcomes the Year of the Rooster (beginning January 28, 2017) with an exquisite selection of ultra-luxurious auspicious menus at Cassia, its Cantonese fine-dining restaurant. Guests can also choose to take a break from the city with theresort’s three-night retreat package over this celebratory period.

Source: Capella Singapore. Capella Singapore's Cassia's Prosperity Lou Hei (百花齐放捞起).
Source: Capella Singapore. Capella Singapore's Cassia's Prosperity Lou Hei (百花齐放捞起).

A local tradition for the Lunar New Year, Cassia’s Prosperity Lou Hei (百花齐放捞起), is a
seasonal favourite. Each ingredient has been handpicked by Cassia’s Executive Chef Lee Hiu
Ngai. The lohei comprises generous servings of fresh greens, salmon and homemade passion fruit sauce for a citrusy kick. At S$68++ per serving, the dish is designed to be shared between two and four persons.

Guests dining in pairs can also opt for Cassia’s Signature Lou Hei (凯嘉品味捞起), served with fresh seafood including lobster and sea urchin. Priced at S$38++ per person, this celebratory platter is for a minimum of two diners.

Companies looking to start off the lunar new year right can take advantage of several traditional Chinese New Year set menus featuring Cassia’s authentic Cantonese offerings. Cassia’s Spring Menu (春回大地), priced at S$79++ per person, includes wok-fried min xin with eggs and vegetables topped with chicken floss, as well as homemade water chestnut cream with osmanthus and glutinous rice dumpling.

The Abundant Blessing Menu (吉星报喜), priced at S$139++ per person, features dishes such as dried scallops and sea whelk, as well as wok-fried Japanese M9 Wagyu beef with young ginger and pineapple.

The Double Happiness Menu (如意吉祥), S$169++ per person, and translates to abundance in luck and success for the coming year. The menu includes the braised bird’s nest with sea urchin sauce, the wok-fried lobster medallion with goose Liver, spring onion and ginger, as well as handmade noodles with black truffle and minced Japanese M9 Wagyu beef. 

The Deluxe Fortune Menu (大展鸿图), priced at S$199++ per person, translates to a bright outlook for the year ahead. The ultimate menu has braised Three-heads Australian abalone with sea cucumber, mushroom, bamboo pith and dried oyster, the premium wok-fried Japanese M9 Wagyu beef with black pepper sauce, and stewed handmade noodles with lobster in superior stock.

Capella Singapore also presents a special accommodation package starting from S$800++ per night for its Premier Garden Room, including daily breakfast at The Knolls for two persons and set dinner at Cassia for two persons, once per stay. The package is available from 28 January to 4 February 2017. 


Cassia’s lohei platters will be available in the restaurant from 14 January to 11 February 2017. Abalone is also available upon request as an ingredient in this traditional tossed salad dish.

Cassia’s Chinese New Year set menus will be available from 28 January to 11 February 2017. View the festive Chinese New Year menus for Capella Singapore in detail

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