29 December 2016

Japan Macro Advisors launches tool to support analyses of the Japanese economy

Source: Japan Macro Advisors. Interactive chart and table.
Source: Japan Macro Advisors. Interactive chart and table.

Japan Macro Advisors (JMA) has launched My Charts, a set of web-based analytical tools to help economists and decision makers stay on top of the Japanese economy.

Building on the free and constantly updated macroeconomic database that JMA provides to the public, My Charts functions as a personal repository whose charts can be converted into PowerPoint slides. The database currently includes over 500 indicators, some of them unique to JMA.

"Economists and analysts such as myself spend too much time not analysing, but searching and downloading data, updating charts and tables, copy-pasting them to presentation slides. Our tools will free up valuable time, letting us spend more time actually thinking about the economy," said Takuji Okubo, Founder and Chief Economist at JMA.

JMA is also working to bring a similar service to India.


A US$30/month premium plan enables users to save virtually unlimited pages of charts/tables and gives them access to premium research produced by JMA. A free trial plan is available that provides a subset of the features included in the premium plan. JMA also provides corporate services that allow clients in-person meetings, seminars and research support with JMA economists.