6 February 2017

Bloem to launch flagship store at The Heeren

Source: Bloem's Facebook page. A wedding bouquet.
Source: Bloem's Facebook page. A wedding bouquet reflects Bloem's
creativity and attention to detail.
Bloem's new flagship store will soon be open at Robinson's The Heeren, bringing unique, personalised floral presentations to a wider Singapore audience.

Sukri Kadola, Founder and CEO, Bloem explained that the business has been making a name for itself with bespoke work for corporate clientele since 2013. The new store along Orchard Road brings the brand to a new level of potential growth and reaches out to a larger customer base. The store accommodates flowers in a chiller, enabling Bloem to offer a range of masterpieces at shorter notice, for example.

Kadola said Bloem is not just another flower shop as the company is focused on floral presentations as a serious craft. "We do things with a passion and we dare to be different," he said. "We are bespoke artisan florists. We provide highly personalised consultation on floral design for events, landscaping and interior decorating."

"There is now more emphasis in making each creation very distinct and it is apparent in the quality of flowers we use, and the level of detail that goes into each arrangement," said Kadola.

Kadola stressed that Bloem makes pushing the creative envelope its motto. "It takes a certain kind of DNA to always want better quality - stronger individuality and uniqueness - otherwise we don't differentiate ourselves," he said.
Source: Bloem. A bouquet made with Bloem's  new 'popcorn' style, which gives a sleeker look.
Source: Bloem. A bouquet made with Bloem's
new 'popcorn' style, which gives a sleeker look.

Bloem's expertise includes interior and event styling, floral design, as well as workshops. The company's clients include well known restaurants, financial as well as educational institutions, and high net worth individuals.

Bloem is also recruiting petalsmiths who are good with their hands and who have an eye for design and detail.


Bloem will be opening at Robinson's at The Heeren on 13 February. It is located at 260 Orchard Road, at the foot of the down-riding escalator to Basement 1.

Opening hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm

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