22 June 2018

MyRepublic launches mobile plans with Boundless Data

MyRepublic standee for the new mobile plans.
Standee for the new
mobile plans, which
let users "break free
of 'meh'".
MyRepublic, known for its home broadband services, has launched three mobile offers in Singapore that exemplify simplicity and freedom from worry.

All MyRepublic plans feature no contracts, no hidden charges, as who as two capabilities that the company calls Boundless Data and Roam Like Home. “We want to be generous, not just with data but with the essentials,” said Shivendra Singh, CMO, MyRepublic. “We don’t want our customers to worry about not having enough talktime or SMS. We also don’t charge for services like Caller ID or plan changes. That’s not giving customers true value. That’s not a worry-free experience.”

The company expects that the new offers will appeal to its target segment of young, smart, sophisticated and technically-savvy adults. "We are going to play in the value segment. Word of mouth in that segment is extremely important for us," said Singh.

"The market we're after is around people who want control," added MyRepublic CEO Malcolm Rodrigues.

MyRepublic says the Boundless Data feature is not the same as giving users unlimited data, though for all intents and purposes users can tap on free mobile data services at any time. With Boundless Data, mobile data speeds are throttled (slowed down) once the user has consumed the full data allowance in the subscription. This empowers customers with service continuity, greater control on data usage, and billing transparency. Other telcos in Singapore cut off mobile data use when the allowance is consumed, or charge for additional mobile data used.

MyRepublic standee signage. Boundless data means continuous surfing.
Boundless data means
continuous surfing.
Those who prefer full speeds can buy a Data Booster, which tops up a data allowance and is valid for 30 days, through the MyRepublic app. Monthly recurring Data Add-ons can also be purchased instead.

MyRepublic users should be able to surf the Internet, send WhatsApp messages, make calls and stream music comfortably at the reduced speeds, said Singh. He also shared that he has watched YouTube videos at the slower speeds but cautioned that the speeds are not optimum for watching HD or 4K videos.

"We don't want a price war. We want to give you the best value that we can
and make sure the user experience does not suffer," he said.

Normal speeds will be on par with typical mobile network speeds for Singapore. The speed downgrade could drop data rates to anywhere from 384 Kbps to 1.2 Mbps, rather than a specific speed. Singh explained, "We will manage the speed so everyone can use it."

Roam Like Home refers to eliminating the shock of receiving a large bill for roaming through not having pay per use roaming charges. To roam, customers have to buy a roaming Data Booster  or Data Add-on before they travel, or via Wi-Fi while they are overseas.

Billing has also been simplified for roaming with all countries categorised into one of three pricing tiers, each of which with a flat rate for receiving calls.

From left: Singh, Rodrigues and Yap.
From left: Singh, Rodrigues and Yap.

Plans are in place to launch the same offers in at least one other country, probably within the year, said Rodrigues. "Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are not allowed in Indonesia so it probably won't be there," he said. MyRepublic also operates in Australia and New Zealand.

Rodrigues also observed that incoming telcos would have an uphill task satisfying demanding Singapore customers, who complained about StarHub's coverage for years after the company first offered mobile services. Rodrigues used to work with StarHub. "I know how hard it is to get good coverage in this country," he said.

TPG Telecom won the rights to operate as the fourth telco in Singapore in 2016, and has said it will launch services in 2018. "TPG isn't putting in the effort that we did back then," Rodrigues noted. (Coverage) won't be like that of the other three guys and won't be like that for a while," he said.

"We want to be in 100 countries and have a 5% market share. We're not looking to completely transform the market share dynamics here," he commented.

"Today is step one. You'll see things come out in the next 60 days that will blow your mind," Rodrigues said at the launch yesterday.

MyRepublic is using a “thick” MVNO model that is the first of its kind in Singapore, it said. This approach gives the company far greater control over the structure of its mobile plans and customer experience; “thinner” MVNOs are limited on differentiating themselves by the structure and pricing of its host network operator’s offerings.

Yap Yong Teck, MD, MyRepublic Singapore elaborated that MyRepublic has more control over how data is routed and over the applications layer, so the company can prioritise, optimise and package services better, in real-time, as opposed to making change requests and waiting for their partner to make the change for them.

"We control the components that lets us make the products," Rodrigues said.


The new plans launched are:


7 GB of data at S$35/month


12 GB of data at S$55/month and


25 GB of data at S$85/month
2GB Roam Like Home Essential Data Add-on

MyRepublic broadband customers who take these plans get bonus data. If they sign up for the Smart plan they enjoy 3 GB of extra data, and 8 GB of bonus data for the Mega and Xtra plans. Customers interested to change their plan can do so starting from 29 June 2018 via the MyRepublic app.

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